Lord Adonis would “love to be Mayor” but isn’t running…

One of the panelists at this week’s London Policy Conference was Lord Adonis, Labour Peer and former Education minister and Transport secretary.

During a discussion on whether London’s Government had what it needed to deliver for Londoners, Adonis, who thinks we have all the devolved powers we need, said he would “love to be Mayor’.

If Adonis was thinking of entering the 2016 contest, Twitter’s positive reaction to his comments would be encouraging.

But, after the session, he told Adam and I he was fully behind Ken Livingstone’s campaign and would not be throwing his hat into the ring.

A keen supporter of the Mayoral model, Adonis shares his thoughts on the moral power the Mayor of London enjoys thanks to the office’s large electoral mandate.

The audio quality isn’t great but you can hear our discussion below

Interview with Lord Adonis (mp3)