TfL salaries cost Londoners £1.5bn per year

Tube salaries are costing Londoners more than £1bn per year

Londoners are paying more than a billion pounds a year to staff the London Underground, with the Tube accounting for two-thirds of Transport for London’s annual salary bill.

Responding to a question from London Assembly Member Richard Tracey, Boris Johnson has revealed it cost £1.05 billion to staff the Tube in the 2011/12 financial year, with all other TfL staff costing a further £466.3 million.

In the same financial year TfL’s management layers cost London fare and taxpayers £40.7 million, two-thirds of what it spent on in-house engineers (£64.1 million).

The figures exclude the costs of contractors and staff employed by private companies delivering TfL services.

I hope soon to have more information on the level of salaries and bonuses within TfL.

On June 1st I asked for details of staff numbers, salaries, bonus for the previous 8 years. True to its aversion to public scrutiny, TfL has repeatedly delayed providing this information, claiming that various draft answers – which have never been released to me – were found insufficient just before being authorised.

Its latest promise on October 30th that a “revised response will be going through the sign off process” by the end of that week has so far failed to deliver any information.

As always with TfL, the presumption has to be that it has something to hide until and unless evidence emerges to prove otherwise.


  1. Ben Traynor says

    Will they say what the figures are if the costs of contractors and staff employed by private companies delivering TfL services are included, and how many staff in total this pays? I don’t trust the overall spend on human resources to have gone down since massive outsourcing and the contractor/client split occured.

  2. Taxpayer says

    What about the 160 MIllion they pay to the police for buses how many layers of police in the TfL Building none or very few in uniform…getting free travel too

  3. Helen says

    What about the non-job of “conductor” on the New Bus For London? A member of staff for each bus who is paid solely to prevent people from falling out of the open back door.