TfL “considering” showing cycle dock locations on bus maps

The location of Cycle Hire docks aren't shown on local bus stops
Despite successive City Hall administrations lauding of the capital’s ‘integrated transport network’, it seems there’s still plenty of scope for improving the cross promotion of some services.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson launched the capital’s cycle hire scheme this summer in a blaze of publicity and Transport for London have issued a series of excited press releases updating journalists on each ‘landmark’ in the number of journeys taken and members joining the scheme.

Yet, despite the Mayor repeatedly talking of the need to get the “maximum value” out of every aspect of the Greater London Authority group and talking up the hire scheme as a viable alternative to other transport modes, maps on bus stops in areas covered by the scheme don’t display the location of nearby cycle docks.

A TfL spokesman says the organisation “are considering whether information on other types of transport, such as cycle hire, could be added to maps at bus stops.”

The spokesman adds: “However, our priority remains the provision of clear, concise and cost effective information that gives passengers the range of travel options in a simple format that will help their onward journey.”

London Assembly Member Jenny Jones, who backed former-Mayor Ken Livingstone’s original proposals for a cycle hire scheme, said: “TfL must see that in these days of bus and tube problems, it makes economic and practical sense to give passengers as much information as possible so they can complete their journeys most efficiently.”