Second poll lead for Livingstone

Two polls have placed Livingstone ahead of Boris Johnson
A second opinion poll has given Labour’s Ken Livingstone a narrow lead over Mayor Boris Johnson.

The former Mayor has a 2 point lead in a new Comres poll carried out for LBC, ITV London and the Evening Standard.

According to the latest poll, Livingstone leads both on first preference votes (46% to 44%) and after second preference votes are redistributed (51 to 49%).

The poll mirrors last week’s YouGov poll which also showed a 2% lead and a 51/49% for Livingstone.

Both polls suggests London faces its closest Mayoral election yet, however LBC reports “despite the results, when asked, most Londoners still expect Mr Johnson to win.”

“Boris struggles to win support among Londoners aged 18-44 while Ken struggles to gain the support of older people.”

Last year both polling companies gave Johnson a comfortable 8 point lead.

Despite his overall lead, Livingstone leads on only on the question of who understands the needs of ordinary Londoners. Johnson leads on fighting crime and changing London for the better.

Comres say: “Overall, the election is still Boris’s to win if he can appeal particularly to younger voters and to Lib Dems for their second preferences. He also needs to work harder to show that he understands the concerns of “ordinary” Londoners.

“Boris leads Ken on almost every measure in this poll, including (by some margin) being able to get the best deal for London from central Government.”

The declared candidates for May’s Mayoral elections are: Boris Johnson (Conservative), Ken Livingstone (Labour), Jenny Jones (Green), Brian Paddick (Liberal Democract), and Lawrence Webb (UKIP).


  1. says

    Ken’s campaign could teach Ed Balls and Miliband a clear lesson… keep a campaign simple, keep it repetitive and don’t discount traditional campaigning: local activists, leaflets and street-level activity. Plus, the Livingstone campaign has run some pretty effective marketing for a political campaign – witness the ‘pickpocket’ posters, for example, or his ‘Ken’s Fare Deal’ video counting the cost of rising fares in local prices: ‘pints of beer down the Dog and Duck’ etc…. really unusually good for a political advert that one.

  2. Appealing of Ealing says

    “keep a campaign simple, keep it repetitive and..”
    and, like before, make lots of unaffordable promises you’ve no intention of keeping.
    “leaflets and street-level activity” — yeah, his buddies down in Tower Hamets were big on that too.

  3. Robin says

    Ken Livingstone is an old,hasbeen talinist, not happy people have no imagination,;UKIP offers less bureaucratic means of delivering London’s services.
    GLA is another expensive tier of EU Government, the cost of Welsh assembly,Scottish parliament,Northern Ireland assemblt all need to be abolished shams, Jeffersonian model of Government is best.Army of EU bureaucrats are an expensive waste