One London Warns of Embassy ‘C-Charge Revolt’

The One London Group at the London Assembly have warned the planned expansion of London’s Congestion Charge may lead to a “major revolt” against the charge by foreign embassies.

One London’s Leader Damian Hockney said his party believes “that when the zone is extended, a number of countries whose embassies fall within the enlarged zone will join countries like the USA, Germany and South Africa who already do not pay.”

Mr Hockney said London Mayor Ken Livingstone had shied away from seeking a legal ruling to decide if the congestion charge is a tax, which embassies would be exempt from paying, or a charge for a service they were obliged to pay.

Hockney said the Mr Livingstone and Transport for London “routinely bluster and make threats, but they never take the obvious step of applying for a high court judgment on the issue” which he said would clear the matter up once and for all.

The One London leader said the Mayor’s reluctance to pursue this option suggested he knew a court ruling would “go against him.”


After a decade of talk, London’s bus fleet will trial speed-limiting technology

Buses on two London routes are to be equipped with technology to limit their speed – more than ten years after the trialling of such technology was first suggested to former mayor Ken Livingstone. Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) technology, which ensures vehicles can’t exceed local speed limits, will be fitted to 47 buses serving routes 19 and 486 to allow transport bosses to assess its impact on road safety.

Labour welcomes Boris’s announcement of 12,000 new City Hall supported homes

Labour has welcomed plans by Mayor Boris Johnson to create four new housing zones which will provide over 12,000 new homes, more than a quarter of which will be affordable housing. The new zones, which are a joint efforts between London, local and national government, will be located in the the boroughs of Havering, Enfield, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets and are being supported by £162 million of City Hall cash.