Met denies selling accident victims’ details to claims firms

New_Scotland_Yard_sign_3Scotland Yard has denied claims that it sells details of road accident victims to compensation lawyers.

Media reports had suggested the Metropolitan Police was one of several forces profiting by selling details of victims who were then contacted by claims companies offering to represent them.

In a statement the Met said such claims “are untrue”.

The force says the only money it receives in relation to accidents are “administration fees” it levies for providing “copies of police collision reports and associated documents to solicitors or insurance companies acting on behalf on individuals involved in the collisions.”

Since 2009 the Met has received more than £5m in such administration fees.

The media reports were prompted by a press release issued by insurers LV= Liverpool Victoria which claimed “a number of Police forces share accident victims’ details in exchange for a fee.”

The firm had submitted freedom of information requests to several forces, including the Met.

Scotland yard says it has contacted the company “to clarify” the position.


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