London crime levels ‘continue to fall’

Crime in London fell last year (financial year 2008-09) to the lowest level in a decade, with 18,00 fewer crimes in London compared with the previous year.

According to Metropolitan Police statistics, there were 2,000 fewer victims of youth violence during the most recent reporting period and gun crime is down by 25.8% (753 offences), while knife crime is down by 13.3% (1,882 offences).

The downward figures were welcomed by London Mayor Boris Johnson who commented: “I am encouraged by what seems to be a promising trend.  It appears that the huge efforts and fresh initiatives over the last year are delivering results.  We are making some headway in a number of areas, especially gun and violent crime, and it is particularly heartening to see a reduction in youth violence.”

Despite the general downwards trend, there was a rise in both the number of rapes, which increased by 14.5%, and hate crimes.

Commander Paul Minton of the Metropolitan Police said: “Regarding rape and serious sexual violence, we welcome this week’s Home Office announcement of additional funding to support sexual assault referral centres (SARCS) across the country.”

“The Met works closely with the SARCS in London, known as the Havens, which make a great difference to both victims and investigators. As previously announced, Sapphire, the Met’s unit for rape and serious sexual violence, is to move into a new operational command based within Specialist Crime, with the aim of ensuring that more cases reach court and get a conviction. However, under-reporting remains a serious issue and we urge victims to continue to come forward to police or Havens.”

Mayor Johnson said the increase in rapes “present us all with a challenge” and said he would be announcing a “a comprehensive strategy to confront violence against women” next week.

Kit Malthouse, Conservative member of the London Assembly and Vice Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority, commented: “Since being elected in May, the Mayor and I have encouraged a new direction for the Met, with a total focus on fighting crime and in particular youth violence. I am pleased that it seems to be paying dividends.”

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Boris orders capital’s fire brigade to sell consultancy services to human rights violating Qatar

Mayor Boris Johnson has been accused of risking the London Fire Brigade’s (LFB) reputation by ordering it to provide consultancy services to the Qatari government. Members of all parties on the capital’s fire authority agreed a list of countries which the Brigade should not trade with, including Qatar which Human Rights Watch says has a “problematic” record on human rights, “particularly for the large and growing migrant worker population.”

Tessa Jowell calls on Met to video all stop & search encounters

Last month Boris Johnson gave the go-ahead for every neighbourhood and response officer in the Met to be equipped with body-worn video cameras. Dame Tessa says use of the cameras must not be left to the discretion of officers and has called for the publication of clear guidance mandating their use for all stop & search incidents.

Khan’s spam attack on Goldsmith reveals double standards on foreign policy vow

It’s just a few weeks since Sadiq Khan vowed not to use the mayoralty “to offer commentary on foreign policy issues” but it seems the same promise doesn’t apply to his candidacy. Yesterday he emailed hundreds, possibly even thousands, of subscribers to his campaign newsletter with a tale of doom about Zac Goldsmith’s views on Europe.


  1. says

    “It appears that the huge efforts and fresh initiatives over the last year are delivering results.”

    Lying git. He needs to sort out cause and effect – these figures derive from the period starting *before* he took office, and since there’s a lag before anything he did would have any effect this is merely a continuation of the downward trend over several years (and anyway, he hasn’t yet done most of the things he said he’d do, like youth crime initiatives).

    However, we can’t have him thanking Killer of the Yard and Ken, can we, so it’s back to spin as usual.

    A lot of the downward curve in previous years has been due to economic factors, so Boris may be digging himself a hole here with his characteristic desire to attach himself to good news but run and hide when the going gets tough.

  2. TawkinSenz says

    I completely agree.

    You watch crime rocket as the recession hits as all those newly reformed characters go back to crime once they are booted out of their job without even a thank you from their employer.

    It’s also good to see the “new direction for the Met, with a total focus on fighting crime and in particular youth violence. I am pleased that it seems to be paying dividends”

    …but haven’t we lost more teenagers on the streets of London this year already than the same period last year?

    Is that paying dividends Kit?