Livingstone Urges Londoners ‘Don’t Vote For a Joke’

On the final day of campaigning Ken Livingstone will urge Londoners ‘Don’t Vote For a Joke – Vote For London’ as a million postcards are delivered to households across London.

Livingstone’s campaign have also taken out newspaper advertisements and will target passengers at dozens of Tube stations.

Labour are certain that the gaffe made by Johnson’s campaign team in forwarding an ‘endorsement’ by TravelWatch Chair Brian Cooke which criticised Johnson’s policy to scrap the bendy bus and called extending the Freedom Pass a “mad idea” is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for to show that a Johnson Mayoralty is a big risk for London’s transport users.

Speaking this morning Mr Livingstone said a “series of attacks” on the Freedom Pass by Mr Johnson’s “demonstrate what would be in store if Boris Johnson became Mayor.”

“My commitment to extend the Freedom Pass so that older and disabled Londoners can use it before 9am was my first manifesto commitment of the campaign and I will ensure it is delivered this year.”

Today’s final push comes after Livingstone has been campaigning across London this week.

A spokesperson for his campaign said “Over the last six weeks it has become clear that the sharpest choice in this election is about Ken Livingstone’s commitment to London as opposed to Boris Johnson’s incompetence, a choice that will affect every Londoner’s pocket. The election is not a joke, it will affect the day to day life of every Londoner.”