Livingstone launches election pledges

Mr Livingstone was joined by Labour party leader Ed Miliband.
Image: MayorWatch

Labour leader Ed Miliband visited London Bridge today to launch the 6 “key pledges” which will form the core of Ken Livingstone’s manifesto at May’s Mayoral election.

The pledges, all of which draw on previously announced policies, include promises to cut fares by 7% and the establishment of a London-wide “non-profit making lettings agency” to help drive down rental costs.

The former Mayor has also said he would work with colleges to re-establish the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

Mr Miliband claimed a return to City Hall would allow Livingstone to “make a real difference to the lives of millions of people across the capital by cutting the cost of living and putting money back into Londoner’s pockets and purses.”

Critics have previously questioned the affordability of Livingstone’s fares cuts and say his promises on EMA and rents stray into areas over which the Mayor has no control.

Livingstone said his pledges would “help millions of Londoners from the commuters who are being hit by Boris Johnson’s bus, tube and train fare increases, to the families struggling with the cost of childcare, to the young people who can’t afford to stay on in college.

London elects a new Mayor and London Assembly on May 3rd. Mayoral candidates include Boris Johnson (Conservative), Ken Livingstone (Labour), Jenny Jones (Green), Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat) and Lawrence Webb (UKIP).

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  1. Robin says

    More taxes,Congestion charging, wives on Payrole. its UKIP not perfect but small govt. Jefferson-Style suits some of my philosophy