LibDems to announce Mayoral candidate in August

The Liberal Democrats will be the last of the four main parties to select their Mayoral candidate
Liberal Democrats will announce the name of their 2012 Mayor of London candidate on August 12th, making them the last of the capital’s main four parties to select a candidate.

Labour and the Conservatives confirmed Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson as their candidates last summer and the capital’s Greens named three-term London Assembly Member as their candidate in March.

The late selection of a candidate will place the Liberal Democrats at a disadvantage with no single voice to speak on London matters until the summer.

So far former MP Lembit Opik is the highest profile candidate to put their name forward although there is increasingly speculation that London Assembly Mike Tuffrey will enter the race.

The timetable for selecting a candidate is:
June 17 Close of applications
July 3 Interviews and shortlisting
July 11 Deadline for appeals
July 11 Deadline for candidates to submit manifestos
July 12 Publication of shortlist
July 18 Postal ballot mailed out to members in London
July 25-29 Hustings meeting
August 10 Deadline for returning ballot papers
August 12 Count and declaration of result


  1. Ed Joyce says

    Lembit is the man to do this. His campaign has been running since last June. There has been a long list of potential candidates who have come and gone. Probably Mike will stand but he hasn’t shown much enthuiasm so it’s hard to say for definite. We should go for someone who wants to do it. Lembit had about 40 supporters at his meeting at the National Liberal Club last week (photos are on the Facebook group). The primary will be good for the party. Mike has 101 supporters for his mayoral campaign and we have 1094 so we have high hopes for running a strong primary campaign.

    Lembit is the man to do this because he has consistently been show by his voting record to be a true liberal. He was recognised in a survey as the most liberal of our MPs. His voting record shows also that he believes in freeedom.

    Ed Joyce

  2. YellingMelon says

    Lembit was roundly beaten in the party’s presidential election by someone with zero public profile. He just lost what should have been a rock solid Lib Dem seat. He It gives me no joy to say this but the message obviously isn’t getting through: the public don’t take him seriously and Lib Dems are increasingly irritated that he makes the party look silly. Lembit needs to learn that, whatever cliches are spouted by unthinking media-whores, in serious politics there is such a thing as bad publicity.

    If Lembit can learn this lesson, and starts applying his considerable talent to door-to-door campaigning and sensible politicy work rather than sensationalism and z-grade celebrity fluff, then maybe the party will give him a second chance in five or ten years time.

    Lembit, if you’re reading, there is a way back for you, but just shut up for a little bit, OK?