Lib Dems call on Mayor to freeze Council Tax to save police and fire services

The London Assembly will debate the Mayor's budget on Friday.  Image: MayorWatch
The London Assembly will debate the Mayor’s budget on Friday. Image: MayorWatch
Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly say the Mayor could raise an additional £78m per year for the police and fire services by scrapping a planned cut in his share of the Council Tax.

The Mayor’s 2013/14 budget, which will be debated by the Assembly today, includes a proposal to cut Council Tax worth £3.72 per year, the equivalent to 7p per week.

An amendment to be put forward by Liberal Democrat Assembly Members says freezing City Hall’s share of the tax would generate enough money per year to reverse “unacceptable” and “unnecessary” cuts to the Met and Fire Brigade.

The amendment also proposes using business rates to build an additional 55,000 affordable homes across London, a move it’s claimed would create 37,000 additional construction jobs over the next three years.

The Assembly will question the Mayor on his budget from 10am on Friday 8th February. The meeting takes place at City Hall and is open to the public. A webcast will also be available.