Ken demonstrates promised savings to Croydon shoppers

Labour's Chuka Umunna joined Ken Livingstone in Croydon.
Image: MayorWatch
Ken Livingstone visited Croydon on Saturday where he talked to shoppers and demonstrated how his promised fare cut would save Londoners £7.15 per week.

Ahead of his visit the former Mayor said: “If I’m elected on May 3 I will do everything in my power to make life better for the majority of Londoners.

“My plans to cut fares, drive down energy bills, restore EMA and improve childcare will save families as much as £10,000 over four years.”

“My fare cut alone will make  the average farepayer in Croydon £1,457.70 better off over the next four years. That means an extra £7.15 in their pockets at a time when every penny counts for ordinary Londoners.”

Asked about his decision on Friday to withdraw from a BBC London radio debate, Mr Livingstone said: “it’s a painful thing to have to do but I have never helped give respectability to the BNP, it’s just not something I can do.”

Mr Livingstone was joined for the visit by Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna who predicted the election result “will be close”.

Candidates for Mayor include Jenny Jones (Green party), Ken Livingstone (Labour), Lawrence Webb (UKIP) Boris Johnson (Conservative) and Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat). A full list of candidates can be found here.

Candidates standing as London Assembly constituency members can be found here. Candidates for the 11 Assembly London-wide seats can be found here.


  1. Matthew Connolly says

    WHAT shop is that then? does anyone know?
    I have just been on the labour website and even there it does not explain how you get to the £7:15
    Anyone have a blown up picture of the calculation being shown here?