Jubilee Line Tube drivers to strike in “bullying” row

tube_roundelTube drivers on the Jubilee Line are to hold two 24-hour strikes in a row over working conditions and claims of bullying.

Members of the RMT and Aslef unions have voted to stage a walk-out on April 2nd and May 2nd.

In a statement the RMT said the strikes followed “misuse of procedures and an appalling decline in the standard of working conditions which have led to a total breakdown in industrial relations.”

The union has listed “severe lack of support from managers” and the “threatened removal” of staff benefits among its grievances.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “RMT will not sit back and allow the wilful misuse of procedures on any part of the tube network as a means of bullying and intimidating our members.

“That is exactly what is happening at the moment to drivers working out of Greenwich and Stratford on the Jubilee Line and we are demanding that the practice be called to an immediate halt. That is why our members have voted by more than nine to one for action.

London Underground’s chief operating officer Howard Collins said the unions’ concerns “have been addressed” but said he was “happy to discuss this further”.


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