London European election results

The Conservatives have taken the largest number of London’s seats in this year’s European elections, securing three seats and 27% of the vote. Labour won 21% of the vote which gave them two MEPs with the Liberal Democrats (14%), Greens and UKIP (115) each winning a single seat. [Read More]

Nul points to the Euros

Less than four weeks to go to the important European vote! No not the Eurovision (that’s next weekend, and yes it’s far more important)…we’re talking about the European Parliament elections. Are your banners up? Damian Hockney, not a particular friend of the EU it has to be said, offers you his opinion on why “this election business has not really caught on in the new European democracy”… [Read More]

Euro Election ad campaign launched

A single, Europe-wide campaign has been launched to raise awareness of June’s European elections in which the capital will elect eight of the UKs 72 MEPs. For the first time, the elections will be promoted one logo and one set of adverts. The campaign slogan in the UK and most other Member States is: “It’s your choice!” [Read More]

European Government in London

There are 785 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), of which London currently elects nine, although this number is set to decrease to eight after the 2009 elections when the UK will elect a total of 72 MEPs. [Read More]