Mayor’s budget – not facing up to real challenges facing London

The Liberal Democrats have strongly advocated that there needs to be far greater employment advice and counselling advice for people who are in debt. If the Mayor can’t stop people becoming unemployed, he should at least ensure there is more help available for people looking for new jobs and seeking to control their debts.

London’s missing its grit

Well done to TfL for the news that a limited service “has resumed on a small number of bus routes including routes 16, 36, and 73 in central London” but from where I’m sitting it seems the capital has been badly let down by its boroughs.

Mayor’s budget – mean not green

With the economy in trouble it is natural to expect the Greater London Authority to tighten its belt and limit spending. What London does not expect is a budget with no provision to safeguard the capital from the global recession. Savings need to be made, but not to health, housing, equalities, the environment and social inclusion.

More powers for the Mayor

Lacking the eduction and housing provider remit of London’s last government means the Authority has little daily impact on most people’s lives. Yes, most Londoner’s know the Mayor runs the buses and the tubes but in a post devolution world it makes no sense for Ministers (often non-London MPs) to make decisions on London services.

I can’t get excited by the latest Boris ‘scandal’

I’m finding myself unmoved by the latest ‘Boris in trouble’ story. After past GLA expense rows, including multi-thousand pound taxi bills for Assembly Members and £30k trips to Cuba, Boris’s £2k on some hotel rooms is almost unworthy of notice or comment.

Music at City Hall

If Boris’s recycled musical instrument produces even one talented musician and one less dreamer determined to waste their life auditioning for reality TV it’ll be a more deserving legacy than removing the bendy part from buses.