Alan Craig: Why I Want To Be Mayor

My priorities as Mayor will be to Back Families and Marriage, End the Culture of Youth Violence, More Affordable Homes, Reject the Olympics Mega Mosque and Tackle Inequality with more jobs.

Negativity at the Reuters Mayoral Hustings

Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson, and Brian Paddick spent this morning at the Reuters Mayoral Hustings at Reuters House, Canary Wharf where they addressed an audience of business leaders and journalists.

What I Told The Voice About Boris and Race

The Voice Online has published a petty hard hitting attack on Boris Johnson on the issue of race which is entitled ‘London under threat’ and makes reference to ‘his association with racist remarks’.

Abolish the Congestion Charge

Chris Prior is standing for election to the London Assembly under the name ‘Abolish the Congestion Charge’ – a registered description of the Stop Congestion Charging Party.

Stop (talking about) the BNP

Leader of the One London Party at the London Assembly Damian Hockney wonders why politicians and the media give endless coverage to attacks the BNP by politicians who themselves are not very popular. it is counterproductive and arrogant, he says.