Experience Should Lead Parliamentary Responses

Yesterday’s debate on the Greater London Authority Bill highlighted the biggest failings of our Parliamentary process – the lack of any need of relevant experience to lead on a subject for any of the parties.

Attacking Ken is Easy, But Can Cameron Deliver?

It’s always interesting to see Tories attacking Mayor Livingstone. Today Tory Party leader David Cameron, clearly still on his mission to convince us the party has changed, attacks Livingstone’s approach to race relations.

London Needs a Citywide Waste Authority

“…we are working to make Southwark a cleaner, greener and safer place to live and work” proclaims the Southwark Council website. The site even has a section on ‘envirocrimes‘ – someone’s idea of marketing speak for what we used to refer to as graffiti, fly tipping and dropping litter. Anyone reading the site is advised […]

£25 Congestion Charge and Making Tough Decisions

Ken Livingstone is often accused of populism by his opponents and detractors yet from discussions on our forum in recent weeks today’s news of a £25 congestion charge for heavily polluting vehicles won’t be popular with many Londoners.

Marking London

On his blog Tory AM Roger Evans tells of a question by Murad Qureshi asking the Mayor whether it was “time for a London flag similar to that which you see in Devon and Cornwall?” I’m guessing Roger doesn’t take the issue too seriously and my own response on his blog was typed with tongue […]