Abolish the Congestion Charge

Chris Prior is standing for election to the London Assembly under the name ‘Abolish the Congestion Charge’ – a registered description of the Stop Congestion Charging Party.

Stop (talking about) the BNP

Leader of the One London Party at the London Assembly Damian Hockney wonders why politicians and the media give endless coverage to attacks the BNP by politicians who themselves are not very popular. it is counterproductive and arrogant, he says.

Doubting the Polls

The opinion polls make for good, easy copy and cheering news for Boris’s supporters but they are under reporting support for smaller parties which scored more than 18% of first preference votes in the 2004 Mayoral elections.

Marking 10 years of the GLA

Inspired by a reader’s email we asked candidates in May’s Mayoral elections how they’d mark the first decade of the Greater London Authority in 2010 and, less seriously, if those plans included a statue of current Mayor Ken Livingstone.