Where have all the powers gone?

“More local powers”. The cry goes up (yet again). A scattergun of ideal world “why oh why” pieces in national and London newspapers last week, made form (of a sort) by the Tories. But it can’t happen, says former London Assembly Member Damian Hockney. Not really, not in the way people are being encouraged to think it can: “Don’t the politicians and commentators know where the real powers have gone? Or is it just another cynical political exercise,” he says. “They should at least tell us when they are proposing a policy which would break the law.”

Why is Boris giving away power?

You won’t find it mentioned on the GLA or TfL’s websites, but Boris Johnson is apparently prepared to give up one of the few powers he has, namely the ability through TfL to determine the amount the boroughs must pay for the Freedom Pass.

ITV’s latest cop documentary is just plain scary

The full extent of armed crime in London and the efforts of the Met’s C019 officers to tackle it are explored in a shocking new two-part ITV documentary, In the Line of Fire, which starts tomorrow night (Tuesday 10th February).

Mayor’s budget – not facing up to real challenges facing London

The Liberal Democrats have strongly advocated that there needs to be far greater employment advice and counselling advice for people who are in debt. If the Mayor can’t stop people becoming unemployed, he should at least ensure there is more help available for people looking for new jobs and seeking to control their debts.