Civil Partnerships Aren’t Discrimination

In his latest blog entry on the newly revamped Times Online Lord Rees-Mogg discusses the recent ‘gay adoption row’ and inadvertently manages to repeat one of the more absurd elements of recent debates on gay rights and discrimination.

Gay Adoption Row Ends With Transition Period

After all the noise, ill-informed bigotry and bald threats it appears that the mob derived power of religions to claim special status and exemption from the laws with govern everyone else in the UK has come to an end.

Close and Be Gone

The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, has written to the Cabinet demanding that his fellow believers be allowed to continue discriminating against would-be gay parents. The letter follows identical threats from others in the Roman Catholic Church. The Government’s answer must be very simple: close.

Channel 4’s Denials Damages Public Funding Calls

Channel 4 boss Andy Duncan yesterday claimed that the comments towards Shilpa Shetty in the Big Brother house aren’t racist. Duncan told reporters: “What constitutes racism is a complex question. We have been monitoring extremely carefully events in the house and have reached the view that we cannot with certainty say that the comments directed […]

16 Months Till 2008 Mayoral Elections and Still No Rivals

In 16 months Londoners will be asked to vote in the third GLA elections and choose a Mayor and 25 Assembly Members yet neither of the major opposition parties have yet selected the Mayoral candidates they hope to convince Londoners to back in favour of Labour’s internal shoe-in and incumbent Mayor Ken Livingstone.