Delivering a world class Tube

Tube workers I know tell me whenever there’s a prospect of strike action the attitude of some passengers becomes quite hostile, presumably at the thought of the resulting delays and inconveniences. One friend says most passengers seem hardly to notice Tube staff unless they want directions which tend to be asked for in the most abrupt manner possible.

Why we should re-phase London Assembly Elections

After three sets of Greater London Authority elections it seems clear that the mainstream media are never going to give Assembly candidates any meaningful level of coverage for as long as they can focus instead on the Mayoral candidates from the three major national parties.

Nul points to the Euros

Less than four weeks to go to the important European vote! No not the Eurovision (that’s next weekend, and yes it’s far more important)…we’re talking about the European Parliament elections. Are your banners up? Damian Hockney, not a particular friend of the EU it has to be said, offers you his opinion on why “this election business has not really caught on in the new European democracy”…