Can I suggest a new TfL design competition?

With the ‘design a new bus for London’ competition now closed it seems timely to suggest a competition to redesign another part of TfL’s kit – the temporary bus stop. When their usual stop is closed why should passengers be further inconvenienced with a bus service straight out of the 1950’s?

Boris could be missing the point on youth violence

Mayor Boris Johnson this week announced his manifesto on tackling youth crime, Emma-Jane Cross, Chief Executive of Beatbullying argues that the Mayor needs to take more intelligent action and focus on the causes of the problems, not just attempt to deal with them once they occur.

The needless spin of Boris Johnson’s City Hall

City Hall claims the Mayor has “fulfilled a manifesto pledge to make London Government accountable and transparent by hosting his first People’s Question Time”. In fact the meeting has nothing to do with Boris’s election promises and would have been held whoever was Mayor.

Democracy, you’re nicked

When he was an MPA Member, Damian Hockney was alone for a year in calling openly for Sir Ian Blair to quit, at a time when the Conservatives were publicly backing the Commissioner. As an unknown politician from a small party, he was given lead item on all three national evening news broadcasts for his low level call and he says that’s when realised that the politicisation of the role of Met Chief was complete. He thinks that the latest developments hold dangers which are a logical extension of government muddying the waters of the way London is run. Today’s MPA meeting, the first with Boris as Chair, did not allay his concerns…