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So is this the greenest games ever?

Jenny Jones represents the Green Party on the London Assembly

Missile launchers on a council tower block, a 1,500 seat McDonalds and security conscious staff handing out plastic bags to any visitor who has a liquid, are not the kind of things I associate with being green. However, the Games are such a mix of environmental upsides and downsides that I can’t claim to have […]

What does your vote mean for London’s air quality?

The proposed Ultra-Low Emission Zone would help improve London's air quality

Simon Birkett, Director of the Clean Air in London campaign examines the manifestos of the four leading candidates for Mayor of London and discusses what a vote for each means for the future of London’s air quality. London needs to address ‘invisible’ air pollution as the biggest cause of early deathsafter smoking. On 2 February […]

Our next Mayor must seize the opportunity to fix London’s housing

Rachael Orr works for housing charity Shelter

As the Mayoral election race gathers pace, some big changes are afoot in the housing department in City Hall that could have big implications for Londoners in the coming four years. Stories about London’s housing often refer to it being in crisis: the average London house price is over £420,000, the average monthly rent for […]