Offshoring – The Myth is Finally Debunked

Powergen have announced they’re to reverse the decision to outsource call centre jobs to India. I can’t say I’m surprised – offshoring has been one of the biggest follies of recent times and I fully expect the next 2-3 years to see the majority of companies follow Powergen’s example and bring the jobs back to […]

Sorry Jenny, You’re Wrong…

I’ve just heard Jenny Jones on BBC News 24 where she seemed to say that Sir Ian Blair’s critics “don’t understand him” and suggest his critics in the force should go. Now, I like Jenny but on this I’m afraid she’s simply wrong.

Tory Mayoral Selection System

David Cameron’s drive to present a different face to the public continues with the announcement that the Conservatives are to give every voter in London the chance to select the Party’s candidate for Mayor. It’s a clever move which, if promoted properly, should help the candidate raise their profile ahead of the official campaign period […]

Bromley By-Election Campaigning

Apparently the LibDems have offered any of their youth members £10 towards travel costs if they help at the Bromley by-election sparking an interesting discussion of what constitutes paid campaign work taking over on Iain Dale’s diary Given the size of Eric Forth’s majority at the last General Election one wonders why either Labour or […]

Parties in Glass Houses…

On his blog Welsh AM Peter Black laments the selection process of Plaid Cymru which sees female candidates placed ahead of male ones in order to address the gender imbalance. It’s curious to see any LibDem attacking other parties for trying to ensure fair representation given that in London the party have done nothing to […]

Calling for Hodge to Resign Misses The Point

The London GMB are wrong to seek the resignation of Barking MP Margaret Hodge. Many may view her comments ahead of the local elections, that 80% of white families in her constituency were tempted by the BNP, as unfortunate but she was simply doing her job and reflecting the reality on the ground.

Rise in Bus Passenger – A Job Well Done

Yesterday the Public Accounts Committee lavished praised on Ken Livingstone and Transport for London (TfL) for their “commitment” in increasing bus usage within the capital. It is praise well deserved. Outside the capital usage has fallen by 7% whereas “London has seen bus usage increase by 32% over recent years” with over 6 million passenger […]