Met police staff feel they are second-class citizens in an increasingly “two-tier” workforce

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The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), the trade union which represents over half of all police staff in the Met, is conducting a survey of members regarding levels of morale and financial hardship. So far over 90% of police staff in our PCS survey have told us they believe the Met doesn’t value them. 3 in 4 say they have little or ... [Continue reading]

London should become the city of smart taxes


There is a growing consensus that central government should devolve more tax revenues to City Hall, but I’d like them to go much further. The Mayor should have the ability to introduce ‘smart taxes’ and charges which reshape our city as well as raising revenue. The London Assembly then need additional powers to keep the Mayor in check.

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Chancellor should go further with London devolution commitments

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Last Friday, Chancellor George Osborne and Mayor of London Boris Johnson launched their long-term economic plan for London. This was largely welcomed by the London business community and London Chamber of Commerce in particular, as many of the economic measures announced are areas that the Chamber has long been uniquely calling for.

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