Cable Car: TfL reveals Emirates payments & schedule

Image: TfL
In response to an FOI I submitted last month, Transport for London has released the schedule of payments and sums paid by Emirates for their £36m cable car sponsorship deal, including the sums paid so far and due in future years.

Mayor Boris Johnson has previously confirmed that the payments will not be adjusted for inflation. In a letter to former London Assembly Member Mike Tuffrey, the Mayor said the “profile” of payments would not be published “at the sponsor’s request”.

Last year TfL’s press office refused even to confirm the number of years the headline sponsorship sum would be paid over, a stance TfL finally reversed last month.

Now, despite the Mayor’s claim of a request by Emirate to withhold them, they’ve provided details the sums already paid and due under the deal.

However the capital’s transport authority, which is Chaired by the Mayor, continues to decline publication of the same data relating to its contract with Barclays for the Cycle Hire Scheme.

Earlier this week it emerged that passenger numbers on the cable car have fallen to as low as to 1280 per day.


  1. Saif says

    Not quite as bad as it was thought to be, it is slightly weighted to now. I still make it about £6m “lost” to inflation though. What a stupid contract – too caught up in getting *something*.