Boris’s vanishing decisions

mayoral_decisions_1Boris, or at least his website, is having a little difficulty remembering some of the decision’s he’s made of late.

The archive of Mayoral Decisions, the matters only the Mayor can decide, has vanished from it’s usual resting place – attempts to access it result in a message advising that the requested page “has either been moved to a different part of or archived.”

In a particularly poor bit of web management, the City Hall boffins have opted not to redirect requests to the new location which, after a bit of hunting around, seems to be here.

Problem is, at the time writing, the new location doesn’t remember any decisions Boris has taken since 21 February 2013:


It’s even forgotten his recent decision to take less decisions.

This isn’t the first time bits of GLA websites have gone missing.

A revamp of in Boris’s first term resulted in all content from his first few months and the entirety of his predecessor’s term of office vanish. It was later revealed to be hiding on a ‘legacy’ site.

This was followed by the magical disappearance of all Livingstone and most first term Johnson press releases vanishing from the TfL website making fact-checking of election claims that bit harder.

Protesting their innocence, TfL later restored the material and blamed a technical fault for selectively deleting the hundreds of documents.

Then the old Metropolitan Police Authority domain stopped working, only to be found hiding under an unlisted, previously unpublicised domain.

Team Boris once applied to manage the .london top level domain, a worrying prospect given their repeated incompetence in managing their own websites.