Boris’s latest export – bouncy castles to China

There’s been lots of mirth this week following my story of TfL buying toy buses for Boris – since said to be gifts for Boris to give away and not for him to play with – but let’s all applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of Team Boris which has managed to hire OUT a bouncy castle for £56,000.

Named Sacrilege, the bouncy castle in question is a full scale replica of Stonehenge and was designed as a piece of “interactive artwork” for the London 2012 festival.

According to a Director Decision document recently published on City Hall’s website, it can “hold as many as 200 ‘bouncers’ at any one time”.

Sacrilege is off to the the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority meaning that, with a little bit of geographical slipperiness, Boris can add “bouncy castles to China” to his list of items London exports to their more common countries of origin.