Boris changes stance on fares cuts

Boris Johnson has presided over a series of fares increases. Photo: MayorWatch
Boris Johnson last night suggested it was possible to reduce fares even though he has spent much of the election dismissing suggestions from rivals that a cut is possible.

Jenny Jones, Brian Paddick and Ken Livingstone have all promised fares cuts in their manifestos with Livingstone promising to resign if he does not deliver a 7% cut this year.

Jones told the studio audience that “It’s only the Conservatives saying they have got to put [fares] up.”

Since coming to office in 2008 Mr Johnson has implemented a succession of fare increases and has committed to further increases of RPI + 2%.

Mr Johnson’s campaign has previously dismissed Labour’s policy as “dishonest”, insisting that a cut would “bankrupt” Transport for London and threaten investment in upgrades.

However appearing on BBC One’s London Mayor debate last night, Johnson said he would “look at what we can do next year to bear down on fares”.

Recent polls suggest that while Livingstone’s promised cut is popular, voters are evenly split on whether he would deliver it.

Candidates for Mayor include Jenny Jones (Green party), Ken Livingstone (Labour), Lawrence Webb (UKIP) Boris Johnson (Conservative) and Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat). A full list of candidates can be found here.

Candidates standing as London Assembly constituency members can be found here. Candidates for the 11 Assembly London-wide seats can be found here.


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  1. says

    He doesn’t actually say he is going to reduce fares, just that he would “look at what we could do”. It’s a afe bet he’d look for a few months and then sadly announce that there was no alternative to RPI+2%.

    This is just Lynton Crosby getting worried because his mud slinging exercise has failed to dent Ken’s numbers as much as he’d hoped and is now desperately trying to match his fares cut.