Boris announces new Oyster for 60 year olds

Boris Johnson has announced a new Oyster card for over 60’s. Photo: MayorWatch.
Boris Johnson has announced a new photocard entitling 60 year olds to free travel on Transport for London services.

However the new card falls short of the Mayor’s election promise to “to extend the Freedom Pass to Londoners aged 60 years or older”.

The Freedom Pass is operated and majority funded by London’s local authorities via London Councils and although TfL provides some funding for it, they do not set the eligibility criteria.

The minimum age for receiving the Freedom Pass was increased under the last Government. The Pass can be used on national bus and rail services as well as TfL controlled services.

The new 60+ Concessionary Travel card is limited to TfL and National Rail services where TfL fares apply. Elsewhere on the network it can only be used after 0930 on weekdays but will be valid all day on weekends. The card cannot be used outside London.

Applicants will be charged £10 for their photocard and any required replacements.

Announcing the new scheme Mayor Johnson said: “Tens of thousands of Londoners were quite rightly incensed by the age escalator affecting the Freedom Pass, which meant their right to free travel was rapidly disappearing over the horizon.  

“That is why I am very pleased to be able to set out plans for a new Oyster card that yanks this important concession back into place; and means Londoners who have reached three score years of age will have their right to free travel in our great city reinstated.”

Once pass holders reach the eligibility age for the Freedom Pass they will need to apply separately to London Councils.


  1. Anthony Linke says

    I was 60 last December, the mayor has promised over 60’s tfl passes. I would like to how and when I can claim mine. I was born in london and have lived here all my life, i also have never claimed any benefits.
    I have a part time job and no car.

  2. Leo Merton says

    Thanks Mayor of London Mr Johnson.
    This is much appreciated and this was the key reason for us – and many others – voting for you last time.

    Perhaps the Coalition would look again at the severe escalator introduced by the Labour government which is so harsh on people, and women in particular, who are in their late 50s now and reasonably expected to recive their OAP and other benefits at 60.

  3. John Tuxworth says

    I will be 61 on 5 September 2012. What date can I apply for this free oyster pass, please?

  4. kalashah says

    I am already 60 years. date of birth is 10.1.1952. Do I get the oyster card and how do I apply.

    If I can apply thanks Brois Johnson as I do not have a car and no job. It would make a difference.

  5. R S Middleton says

    Thanks Boris
    i was 60 last week 11 . 7. 52 & when i get my oyster free pass it will be very helpfull .

  6. Marina Dormer says

    I turned 60 in April 2012 and retired from my Local Government job. How and when will I be able to get an applicaiton form for the new Oyster card travel for the 60+ thanks x

  7. Mrs Dharmista A Patel says

    When & Where to apply for 60+ Oyster photo card
    I turn 60 on 16/04/2012

  8. Dev Varsani says

    all good thing come to you, needs to wait. On this over 60 oyster you will have my vote next time. well done Boris

  9. Dev Varsani says

    Hi Boris well done on over 60 Oyster for me can’t wait to see my photo on your Oyster. you have my vote next time

  10. tony says

    don’t jump the gun. Boris has not announced when we are to get this card.
    I have contacted his office and they don’t know.

  11. Aileen says

    Well done Boris! So delighted to be getting the new over 60 Oyster card. The original announcement said that it would start on 1 November and we could purchase the Oyster card in October for £10. Expect Boris has been very busy with the Olympics and Para Olympics but know he will stick to the commitment he has made. So many people I know are very grateful to him for this initiative. Hopefully details will be avaialble soon on how to obtain the Oyster card.

  12. Francess says

    Great news that I will soon be able to get my travel pass. Can’t wait to use it to go into London. Something I am unable to afford to do on a regular basis. This will be a Godsend to those on their own and on a pension. Just being able to go shopping without thinking how much it will cost will be wonderful. Thank you Boris Well Done.

  13. LYNDA DAVIES says

    Having worked all my life and finding that I now have to be 62 5 months and 7 days old before I can collect my state pension, did you know you only have to pay for 30 years to collect a full pension although I will have paid for 47 having just had 5 months off with one child and 8 months for the other, that your entitlement will be the same. When I queried what happened to the other 17 years worth of contributions I was told “this is a very contentious subject”. Hence I was furious to learn I would have to wait until official retirement for my Freedom pass. Thank you Boris.

  14. David says

    I wonder if elections to the London Council play any part, not to be overly cynical. What was formerly free is now gaining a £10 entrance charge: will this be annual? Will it apply from now on to all who already have had their passes without charge? I sense a Tory retitllng of rights into privileges for those who can afford it.

  15. LYNDA DAVIES says

    Oh there is a surprise. The folk in the middle paying again!! I for one was furious when I realised that we would not get out pass until the “new” retirement age. I have paid in all my life and this was what I considered a little perk. At £10 it is better that no pass at all and still very cheap at the price. However, when will this start I wonder?

  16. Margaret Singleton says

    I will be 60 on 19th December 2012 and want to know whether I will be able to apply for my Freedom Pass and also when should I do this? I live in the London Borough of Havering and work in London.

    Many thanks

    Margaret Singleton

  17. coral says

    I understand from information taken from the internet over the last month that applications for the over 60 Oyster cards were due to be ready in September 2012, then this changed to October 2012, this week I have read that it is now November 2012. This I understand is only the application stage and the Oyster card would then probably take a month or so to process – which means it is likely that it won’t start until 2013 – it is such a shame that after Boris gave the go ahead in July it is taking so long to implement surely they could set it up online and through main line post offices much quicker than they are doing – don’t get me wrong I am really pleased that Boris is doing this, but would love it to be quicker.

  18. Derek Whitmore says

    Dear Mayor, It is such a shame that the over 60’s pass is being delayed. Times are hard enough for all of us working people and any slight financial relief is always to be welcomed; so please help us out and get this sorted as soon as possible. A promise is a promise, after all.

  19. jan says

    Boris, if you are trying to encourage us to start spending and improve the retail market, rush this over 60s pass through quickly. We have money to spend on things we want, but we get to an age where paying £7.30 for a day travel pass seems unnecessary to us. Get us moving and get the retail market moving at the same time !!!!

  20. kala shah says

    I am glad this is going to take place but 2013 is too far for the free travel. Please hurry up as want to spend our money as soon as possible if we can save on fares.

  21. Barbara says

    I was 60 on 6th December 2011. How and where do I get my free travel card that Boris has promised and for whom I gave my vote to?

  22. michael cross says

    I turned 60 in may 2012 and retired from my Local Government job. How and when will I be able to get an applicaiton form for the new Oyster card travel for the 60+ thanks xOyster cards were due to be ready in September 2012, then this changed to October 2012, this week I have read that it is now November 2012. This I understand

  23. Ned De'niro says

    So This Pass Will Not Let Me Travel Before 09.30am,Also No Information To Be Had Anywhere Of How To Apply For It.What Does This Tell You,?????.Also No Fact’s About The Pass To Be Found,Weird ??.

  24. rajendra says

    I am 60 and would like to know how to apply for the new 60+oyster card. when is it going to go live. thanks

  25. Kasabugu says

    Boris Quote :-
    ” A full announcement on how to apply for the new scheme and details of how it will work will be made in September.”
    Its October now and still no details!

  26. lesley says

    when can we apply for the new oyster card, for the over sixties. it will save me so much.

  27. Mr. Ian Rees says

    Hi ! – how does one apply then !?, my D.O.B was 02/02/1952, so please forward to me the
    necessary details, thanking you inadvance.
    Kind regards,
    Ian Rees. Mr.

  28. Patrick Macken says

    I searched everywhere for information of where and when to apply?I’ve found none.For example how do we submit our photograph as the application seems to be mainly online whenever it starts?The £10 charge is the least of my worries but when??