Boris announces 9 point plan for London

Boris Johnson has pledged to cut Tube delays . Photo: MayorWatch
Boris Johnson has announced a 9-point plan for a second term at City Hall.

On Saturday the Mayor told supporters that defeat in May’s election would “put at risk” policies and initiatives he had introduced since 2008.

In an email from his campaign, Johnson said: “I feel like a man who has built half a bridge. I can see the other side. I can see what needs to be done.

“That is why today I am launching my 9 point plan that will secure Greater London’s future. It’s a plan that protects the investment we need to create jobs and will help Londoners get through these tough times.”

The plan includes “cutting waste at City Hall” and “investing £221 million to transform local high streets, supporting small businesses” as well as a commitment to reduce Tube delays by 30%.

Other points, such as a promise to save households “£445” by freezing City Hall’s share of the council tax, and a commitment to boost police numbers by 1,000 duplicate achievements Johnson says he has already delivered.

Johnson has also promised he would secure “a better deal for London from No 10” during a second term.


Two more unions vote to strike over Night Tube pay

City Hall and Transport for London say the service will transform night time journeys for millions of Londoners by cutting around 20 minutes from the average trip time. However the service’s start date of 12 September was announced before TfL and London Underground had reached agreement with staff and unions over pay.

Tories invite Londoners to pick their Mayoral candidate

All registered London voters are being invited to help choose the Conservative Party’s candidate for Mayor by taking part in a online primary. Applications to stand are now open and a shortlist of 2-3 candidates will be announced by the end of July with voting taking place after candidates have taken part in “several official hustings”.


  1. says

    The trouble is it’s difficult to see what the first half of his bridge looks like. It doesn’t seem like a bridge that actually gives real benefits to Londoners so I guess it’s a bridge to nowhere.

  2. Bryan Paul Tomlinson says

    Why do all politicians treat us like fools. Boris has all the answers in the future. Just give him 4 more years of bumbling and forget his lack of success today.
    I haven’t seen much of him during his term of office except when jumping on the bandwagon whenever there is a chance of a nice taxpayer funded holiday abroad .
    4 to 5 years to build half a bridge ? A budget of £billions ? Too slow and poor value !!