New trains ordered for former West Anglia routes into Liverpool Street

The new trains will come into operation in 2018. Image: TfL

45 state of the art trains have been ordered to replace the ageing fleet currently causing delays and problems for passengers using the newly devolved rail services in and out of Liverpool Street station. Passengers on the new routes have experienced a series of cancellations and delays which TfL says are due to the poor condition and age of trains it inherited when taking over the service.

Transport bosses publish Night Tube map


Transport bosses say the service will transform night time journeys for millions of Londoners and tourists by cutting journeys by an average of 20 minutes. They also predict it boost the capital’s economy by £360 million and help support around 2,000 permanent jobs.

Tory MEP enters London mayoral contest

Syed Kamall addressing the European Parliament . Image: © European Union 2014

Syed Kamall will go up against Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith, London Assembly Andrew Boff, Stephen Greenhalgh and businessman Ivan Massow for the party’s nomination. In a statement issued on Friday evening, he said: “I am really excited about the prospect of doing this. I’m a Londoner born and bred. I grew up here and I’ve always enjoyed fighting for our city.”

TfL opens consultation on plans to force all cabbies to accept debit and credit cards


Around half of taxis currently accept payment by card but many opt not to because they’re reluctant to incur the costs of installing card terminals and bank processing fees. However, polling by Transport for London suggests a majority (83%) of passengers back making payment by card a standard feature, a move TfL says would make travelling by cab “even easier”.