Travelwatch Board meeting to discuss Crossrail 2

Passenger watchdog London TravelWatch will hold its next public meeting on Tuesday 23 July 2013. Items to be discussed by the Travelwatch Board include the proposed Crossrail 2 scheme and recent research into passengers’ experiences of purchasing tickets. Members will also hear from Stephen Pauling, principal transport planner at Transport for London and receive a […]

“TfL just doesn’t understand what it did wrong”

The headline comes via one of the London Assembly members with whom I discussed TfL’s ‘accidental’ agreement to join the UAE’s trade embargo against Israel. And tragically it seems they’re right. It’s clear from yesterday and today’s statements that TfL believes this whole row is a misunderstanding on the part of others. In TfL’s reality […]

“Furious” Boris orders TfL to re-negotiate anti-Israeli Emirates contract

Transport for London bosses have been ordered by Mayor Boris Johnson to rewrite a controversial clause in their cable car sponsorship contract with Emirates airlines. Earlier this week MayorWatch revealed that the contract banned TfL from selling or assigning the cable car to any person or company based in, or conducting the majority of their […]