Boris pulls ahead in new YouGov poll


After three polls suggesting just 2% separated Mayoral candidates Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone, a new YouGov poll shows Johnson leading by 8%. In January 2 polls put Livingstone ahead by 2%, reversing Johnson’s 8% lead. Last month A YouGov poll reversed the position, putting Johnson ahead by the same margin. When asked to choose […]

The adventures of Mr Mayor…


As previously lamented, Ken and Boris are doing their best to make this the nastiest and most personal Mayoral contest to date. So to inject a little fun into this first official day of the election, I though I’d dust off this image first drawn for the 2008 contest: You can following our ongoing election […]

Poll shows Londoners support fares cuts

Debit and credit card users can now touch in on Oyster card readers

Competing proposals from Mayoral candidates to cut fares are attracting widespread support, a new BBC poll shows. Labour candidate Ken Livingstone has promised to use unspent money in the transport budgets to cut fares by 7%, a policy opponents say he cannot afford. The promised cut is supported by 82% of those polled, with 63% […]

Boris’s own figures confirm taxpayer is biggest Cycle Hire funder

Photo: MayorWatch

Taxpayers will pay at least £67.8m to fund London’s Cycle Hire scheme, almost £18m more than the maximum contribution from sponsors Barclays bank. Although Transport for London has adopted a policy of not publicising non-Barclays funding sources, figures provided by Mayor Boris Johnson show that Londoners are funding the greatest share of the scheme’s set-up […]

Londoners urged to vote on May 3rd

The map shows turnout varied greatly across London. Image: London Elects

More Londoners turned out to vote for the Mayor and London Assembly in 2008 than in either of the previous City Hall elections. However figures released by London Elects, the body which oversees the elections, show that turnout across London’s voting districts (wards) ranged from 26.3% in Cranford in Hounslow to 72.1% in Palace Riverside, […]

London’s elections get underway

The elections for Mayor and London Assembly are now underway.

London’s election for a new Mayor and Assembly officially gets underway today (20th March 2012). On May 3rd Londoners will have the chance to elect a Mayor and 25 members of the London Assembly. Any candidate wishing to stand for election must submit their nomination papers to London Elects, the non-party body which publicises and […]