LDA to be “significantly streamlined” after budget cuts

Ministers have slashed funding for the London Development Agency

As anticipated last week, the Government’s spending review is likely to leave the London Development Agency with only the funds for projects the organisation is “is already legally committed” to. An email sent this afternoon by Greater London Authority Chief Executive Leo Boland to all City Hall staff and London Assembly Members confirms that the […]

Boris’s dissident act needs work


‘The Mayor of London yesterday made a calculated, headline-grabbing interjection on a matter of national Government policy, putting him at odds with his own party leadership.’ No great surprise there, Mayoral observers have been writing about such incidents for the past decade – both Boris Johnson and predecessor Ken Livingstone are smart enough to know […]

Row breaks out over Boris’s housing benefit comments

London's City Hall

Boris Johnson has accused media outlets of “quoting out of context” comments he made over Government plans to limit the amount of Housing Benefit any household can receive. Housing professionals and London’s councils have warned that proposed changes to reduce benefit levels could force tens of thousands of families out of their homes.

Tower Hamlets and the myth of ‘the Ken effect’


Ken’s detractors are guilty of illogic and double standards, during Labour’s Mayor of London selection many of them claimed his appeal was waning and he’d lack the pulling power to ‘win back’ CIty Hall. This line of attack is now being conveniently set aside as they seek to blame the entirety of the Tower Hamlets loss on him.

Mayor’s “stealth” fare increases come under fire

Debit and credit card users can now touch in on Oyster card readers

Boris Johnson has been accused by London Assembly politicians of “trying to bury” increases of up to 74% in the price of One Day Travelcards. The comments come a day after the Mayor held a rare City Hall press conference to spell out how the government’s spending review would impact on London services.