2009 St George’s Day celebrations confirmed

Boris Johnson has confirmed plans to celebrate St George’s Day with a “major” concert in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 25th April.

In addition to the concert there will be a Shakespeare celebration at the Globe theatre on Sunday 19 April, and Johnson says he will fly the English Flag outside City Hall on April 23rd.

In a statement issued on Sunday the Mayor claimed “St George’s Day has been ignored in London for far too long”, apparently ignoring the fact that the Greater London Authority has supported celebrations of the festival since 2004.

The Mayor said the day would be “a time to celebrate the very best of everything English and the Cross of St George will proudly fly outside City Hall on 23rd April. I look forward to hopping on a Routemaster and visiting Leadenhall Market for traditional English festivities. I encourage everyone to join in the fun and celebrate England’s great Patron Saint.”


Survey of Labour supporters gives Jowell clear lead in Mayoral race

Tessa Jowell enjoys a 17 point lead over her nearest rival in a new survey asking Labour members and supporters who they’re backing as the party’s 2016 mayoral candidate. The LabourList survey is the first to be conducted since the party published its six-strong shortlist of potential candidates last month.

Boris orders capital’s fire brigade to sell consultancy services to human rights violating Qatar

Mayor Boris Johnson has been accused of risking the London Fire Brigade’s (LFB) reputation by ordering it to provide consultancy services to the Qatari government. Members of all parties on the capital’s fire authority agreed a list of countries which the Brigade should not trade with, including Qatar which Human Rights Watch says has a “problematic” record on human rights, “particularly for the large and growing migrant worker population.”

Tessa Jowell calls on Met to video all stop & search encounters

Last month Boris Johnson gave the go-ahead for every neighbourhood and response officer in the Met to be equipped with body-worn video cameras. Dame Tessa says use of the cameras must not be left to the discretion of officers and has called for the publication of clear guidance mandating their use for all stop & search incidents.


  1. James says

    Lot of people seem to be missing the point here, Boris is just continuing what Ken was already doing.

  2. Helen says

    Last year’s St George’s Day programme:

    “For the 5th year running London celebrated St George’s Day with a series of free events. For 2008 English Food was the central theme for the Trafalgar Square event, where the world famous Borough Market relocated for the day. In addition, the popular annual Shakespeare’s Birthday celebrations at the Globe took place as well as the Festival of St George at Covent Garden and parade at the Cenotaph.

    * Festival of English Food
    * Shakespeare’s Globe
    * Festival of St George
    * Parade at the Cenotaph”

    It’d be nice if Boris chose to tell the truth rather than attempting to rewrite history.

  3. niko says

    well even if it was done before it wasnt really advertised well, so hardly anyone knew about it, this is the first year it has been properly organized AND advertised

    so yeh well done boris

  4. Doreen says

    At last someone is wanting to wave a flag. We should celebrate St George’s day. Yes display and wave the flag, but I think the Union Jack should be displayed as well. About time we showed pride in our Country. We are Welsh, Scotish, and English – Great Briton- lets be proud. WAVE THE FLAGS I SAY. BE PROUD

  5. Doreen says

    At last someone is wanting to wave a flag. We should celebrate St George’s day. Yes display and wave the flag, but I think the Union Jack should be displayed as well. About time we showed pride in our Country. Good luck to Boris Johnson, and thanks.

  6. says

    “WAVE THE FLAGS I SAY. BE PROUD”…that Boris has frozen the funding for St. George’s Day.

    Is it just me, or are quite a lot of people weak in the head?

  7. says

    Ken always said we had funding for anyone who wanted to celebrate St George day but would never part with it. Smoke and mirror’s time and time again.
    I See the lycra clad lefties are spinning the truth again.
    In the words of a true London cockney cabby “Gertcha”

  8. Tommy says

    It’s about time the English are allowed to celebrate thier national day in thier own country without being accused of being racists.
    Get out the flags of St George and celebrate England while we still have some England left.
    Well done Boris!

  9. Ben Taylor says

    Well done Boris,

    I hope David Cameron makes St Georges day, St Davids Day and St Andrews day all National holidays in their respective countries when the Conservatives win the Next General Election.