Frontline cops need more support to avoid Taser ‘postcode lottery’

Tasers, a tool once deployed in only the most serious of circumstances, are beginning to make a more frequent appearance in London’s law enforcement activity. With police in outer boroughs now more likely to resort to Taser use than their inner London counterparts, it’s clear that officers in more isolated areas are increasingly having to rely on Tasers.

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Khan’s spam attack on Goldsmith reveals double standards on foreign policy vow

It’s just a few weeks since Sadiq Khan vowed not to use the mayoralty “to offer commentary on foreign policy issues” but it seems the same promise doesn’t apply to his candidacy. Yesterday he emailed hundreds, possibly even thousands, of subscribers to his campaign newsletter with a tale of doom about Zac Goldsmith’s views on Europe.

The London Assembly Writes…

Solar site visit - Environment Cmte1

Let the sunshine in

According to figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, solar panels are installed on less than 0.5 per cent of homes in London. One way this figure can be improved is through community schemes like the one the London Assembly Environment Committee recently visited.

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